Castles and Cottages

With the essence of heritage, rural charms and cosmopolitan living Arundel is a small country town with a lot to offer. The first thing you will notice on arrival to Arundel is the gigantic castle that belittles the town below. The walled fortress which now home to the Duke of Norfolk was originally built in 11th century to guard the Arun River from French attack, but fortunately never faced a siege.

The behemoth castle isn’t the only medieval structure to belittle the quite cottaged town below. A gothic cathedral is also perched only a few hundred meters from the castle. The cathedral may look medieval but it is actually rather recent; Built in the 18th century the Cathedral was a gift from the French to the Duke of Norfolk.

The town centre is bordered by beautiful gothic houses, delightful Sussex cottages and large evergreen forests that roll out into the Sussex downs. The cosmopolitan town centre hosts an array of restaurants, pubs, traditional bakers and antique shops.

If you follow the river Arun north of Arundel you will soon reach an open lake encompassed by hills and peaks; this area is popular with tourists who either like to walk the Sussex downs or go rowing on the lake alongside the many wild foul that reside there.

The black rabbit is undoubtedly the most popular pub in Arundel due to its prime location adjacent to the river bank. This popular spot is always busy, so be sure to book a table if you plan to eat out on your Sussex holiday or get there early.

Guided tours in and around the castle are extremely popular with tourists, for families with young children the spooky dungeon tours are a must!

These are just a few delight the fantastic town of Arundel has to offer, With so many attractions and activities Arundel is a fantastic day out which the entire family will enjoy.